Technology Consumes us. 

While I was waiting for my appointment yesterday I was sitting in the waiting room. I had been playing on my phone, but I finally decided put it down. I noticed there were four other people in the room, but every single person had their nose in their phone. It made me realize just how truly disconnected we are from the people around us in our everyday lives, yet I bet you can tell me about what’s happening to Bobby Jo in Florida who you haven’t seen since high school. 
I couldn’t take the silence anymore and I noticed the woman sitting next to me had these adorable boots on. At this point one person had left and there was four of us left in the room. All it took was one compliment towards her boots and three of the four of us had a great conversation that in a time span of 8 minutes went from talking about shoe shopping with her to talking with the guy on the other side of me about shopping at Cabela’s and then the three of us talked about our favorite football teams for the remainder of the time. 
It’s so simple to connect with people once the technology is down. In our world today we are so connected to every single person around the world, yet we are so disconnected from those who live in our areas. I love technology, but I do hate how disconnected we have become from the people around us because of it.

Albert Einstein once said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” 

Sadly that is about to become the world we live in. Our phones control us. We are so easily influenced by what we read on Facebook or twitter, that people are losing touch with our true reality. Propoganda is everywhere we look on our phones, and guess what, we all fall for it at one time or another. 

I challenge you to put your phone down for an hour and just enjoy the people you have around you. Enjoy your husband or wife without your phone. Enjoy you friends you’ve surrounded yourself with and get to know them better. 

Don’t let technology push away the people who are all around you every day. Our love stories start with “she swiped right” now instead of “he bumped into me at the supermarket and we started talking”, or “I saw her from across the room and I knew I had to talk to her”. Cleanse yourself of the need to never put down your phone.