Never give up

 I can’t tell you have many times I almost gave up in 2015. It wasn’t just school though. December of 2015 I was going to go in and drop out of school so I could get a full time job, maybe two, and focus on trying to stay above water when it came to the finances. The end of November and December I honestly did the bare minimum it took to get passing grades because the rest of my time was spent applying for jobs. 
I hated and still do hate how hopeless I felt. Going to food banks and asking people for the essentials was the worst feeling in the world. Knowing that I couldn’t help provide for the family made me feel ashamed. 
2016 is almost over and I look at just how far I’ve come. 
I graduated from Eastern! I kept pushing with the help of those around me and I accomplished my dream. 
I was promoted at my summer job. They’ll never know just how thankful I am for the opportunities they have given me since I started there in 2013. 
I accepted a para position which I am loving! Watching him with his little victories is more rewarding than I ever thought possible. 
I finally got my butt in gear and I started making something of an opportunity I had sitting right in front of me. 
My family has stood by me while I sit and panic about the circumstances I’m in and they’ve reassured me it will be okay. Honestly though, I can listen to it all day long and sometimes I don’t truly hear it. 
I’ve been posting about Mary Kay a lot lately on my personal page, but by running my own Mary Kay business, I know everything will be okay. I know it will work out and I know that the $$ doesn’t have to be an issue anymore. 
Sorry for the long rant, but I’m so proud of the things I’ve accomplished and so grateful what this year has shown me in my family, friends, and most importantly, myself.